💜Jaya June💙: June 19-24~ In Which I Both Steal Mia’s Title Thing AND Step Up My Jaya Art Game

Good Friday, peeps!

TODAY I did steal Mia’s title shtick, but that’s just because it’s so great.😌

I also, for some…odd reason, did two full drawings today..? And I also did a GIF redraw.

And a comic for the The Game website

Now, I can acknowlege that it’s…abnormal that I did this much art within 24 hours, but I actually don’t care. I just really love making this stuff!

We’ll begin with Hair, which is…well, there’s a story to it. But the story came after, actually!

This started as ”Oh, Jaya can go to a party and Nya’s all fancy.” then… ”Maybe it’s like a SPY party!!!” Because I’ve had it in my head to do a Jaya Under Cover comic for a while.

So after I drew this, I came up with the plot of this. Simply, Jay and Nya infiltrate a fancy party being held by none other than Reflectra, the villain whom Jay and Zane defeated in the short “Sweatin’ To The Goldies”, posing as a couple—Aida and Jason Gordon. With the use of some makeshift hologram projectors, they are able to stay undetected and do their spy business.

Basically just fun.

I DID write the entire script for this, but we’ll have to wait and see if it ever gets drawn.

Movin’ on!

You may recall this GIF! (and I apologize for the iffy quality)

I posted it a while back, and, while I was (w?)racking my brain trying to figure out what to do for this prompt, I remembered it.

Aaaand here it is! Not great, kind of sketchy, but still there!

Okay, now on to the nonsense.

I actually did this one yesterday, after doodling the pose during an ”I’m-horribly-artist’s-blocked” sketching session.

I believe I was listening to ”I Just Called to Say I Love You” while doodling that—I was listening to ”Love Song Essentials” and trying to do a doodle based on each song. It did help, as each song had a different mood!

This next one was also a product of the doodle sesh.

Now, I think Nya looks fabulous in this one. But I’m not too sure about Jay…Maybe it’s just that he’s standing next to Nya, and therefore is slightly paled in her glory.🤷‍♀️

Also, pro (hehe debatable) tip, do not be afraid of the “Hue, Saturation, Brightness” function in Procreate. It is fabulous. All of those color-tweaking functions on there are great, and really make the colors stand out! It is NOT cheating.👍🏼


Oh, and this is the last.👉👉

I am both LOVING and STRESSING about this one. for one thing, the vibe is spectacular. I love this scene, and I like how it turned out! But I’m still suspicious.

And I apologize for that out of place ”FALL”, I just added it to make all of these drawings match. IT DOES NOT BELONG HERE.🤨

Phew! Done! I am astounded by my own absurdity, and you are all welcome to be as well. I make too much stuff.


Only planning to finish one of those, though, MAYBE two. We shall have to see.

And you just know there’s going to be more.

It is SUMMER BREAK!!! THIS IS WHAT IT IS FOR!!! And it’s fun, because I’m not actually slacking off on anything! Yay!

Okay, we are done. Thank you for reading/looking!

Haaaaaaaappy weekend!!!

Love, Bea.💜

Song of the Day: Rather Be Broke, by Jordan Fletcher.


  1. Holy cannoli how can I even express myself properly?? Buckle up, buttercup, I have a lot of words

    First off, getting Ariana Grande vibes from undercover Nya.
    Second, ‘dance’ is now my new favorite drawing of yours like oh my GOODNESS IT’S SO PRETTY! The simplicity, and yet all the details, the lines of action, the EXPRESSIONS. BEA I FEEL LIKE A BROKEN RECORD!! It’s fine, I’m just gonna keep complimenting it.

    You WILL be complimented!

    (still talking about Dance) The detail on his pants is fantastic, and the way he’s touching her waist *squishes face in flusteration* Jay looks like he’s SINGING to her, and Nya’s hair- oh my goodness Nya’s hair. How do you get it to look so textured?? It looks like it’s in a half pony as well- OMG HALF PONYTAIL NYA AHJDSHJDHSJ- I’ve never considered that before 0.o

    Ready to stop reading? *Well I’m not finished yet*

    THE FALL! BEA! MY GOODNESS! You must tell me, what the heck are you worried about??
    I love how lanky their legs look; I’ve seen artists who can draw their characters all long and lanky and I love IT, but have yet to figure out how to do so myself.
    I love how they are holding on to each other, the lines are fantastic, and also on the topic of character stature, I must tell you how good you’ve gotten at drawing Jay. He’s still a scrawny boy, but he looks proportionate to Nya!

    My goodness, you spoil me so. I am so glad I get to follow your lovely blog. I do know what you mean on the WIPs. I think it’s funny that I’ll go for a while just drawing normally, everything’s fine and then BOOM I can’t draw anything and then BOOM I literally want to draw everything, every moment of the day, ‘please send help I can’t stop’. Ah, to be an artist.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope your summer is being lovely! (and that you aren’t melting!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, thank you!😆 I love that one too.🥰 I used 6B pencil—a brush I usually use for line art—for shading, and put more definition in by simply shading more of the hair’s dimensions. If that makes sense. I love that way of shading.🤩

      Heh, thanks again! I was slightly worried that the legs looked weird, so thank you for that reassurance.😄

      I am SO glad someone gets enjoyment out of my obsessive pastime. Haha, #artistrelatable.

      You’re WELCOME! You too! (We’ve actually had some good luck thus far, but we’re gonna have a hot weekend. BUT we also have air conditioning so we’re not too worried.😜)

      Liked by 1 person

      • The ONLY thing I would say, is that Jay’s head is just… it’s just a LITTLE bit small in comparison with both Nya’s head and his own body. If you agree, and wanted to change it, lasso tool and/or liquify is definitely your friend. But! If you don’t change it that is also perfectly fine! This is merely my opinion, and I think everything else looks good! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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