He’s so cuteeeee!!!!
My version of kimono Nya! I know I didn’t add the phoenixes, because they where gold, and it didn’t match the rest.
Is Lloyd okay? He’s trying to pull a flashy smile, but he kinda looks like he’s on a sugar high. 🧐
Not mine, but thought it was cute.
Here’s some Jaya happiness for you!
Lloyd. Sits down during training. Tsk tsk Lloyd. 😔

I love this so much! And I probably will.

Voila! I just finished this, and I am so proud!!! It turned out REALLY well, and I hope ya’ll think so too? I really loved the end of season 12, as you all know, and I was inspired. I also finally figured out how to blend the colors, so I can finally do shading.

Here it is! Enjoy!

You’ve all probably seen this, but I just wanted to show a close up. I think this is her coolest gi yet! I mean, the pattern on her chest, and, omg. She has the season 2 Jay metal arm!!!! I just noticed that while typing this. 🤣 That’s really cute. Also, the tan arm is lookin good also. On the whole, this is shaping up to be a great season.