Mermay 2022 Day 4: #StarWarsDay

Hello, and Happy Star Wars Day, peeps!

So, you’ve probably seen the OTHER new trailer for Crystalized that came out…some time, really don’t know when, and uh, I’ll talk about that a little bit after the drawing.

Today we have one of my favorites—style-wise—Queen Amidala!


This very well might be my best one yet. Firstly because, hehe, I actually devoted myself to this one and wasn’t rushing like HECK, and secondly because I used a reference for her face.☺️

I ALSO figured out a new way to add a ✨glimmer✨ to eyes with this one.

I also used it for the gem thing on her head.

Basically, you just use a darker and more saturated color for the shading—which you do in a crescent around the edge—and then take the color you used for the bulk of the eye, make it lighter—like you do for highlights—and do the little dash thing I did there.

I think it makes them look nice and eMOTIONAL.

Okie, now on to that TRAILER.

I need to go do some other stuff in a minute, so I’ll be quick.



But also—I mean, it was insane! We’ve got the Samurai X mech in there, and we still don’t know why the ninja are on the run! WHY are they in jail? WHY are they burglarizing places? WHYYYY DID THAT GUY YEET HIS PHONE INTO THE FISH TANK WITH A GOLF CLUB!?!?!?

Gotta love a good action shot

I only get this particular kind of excited once or twice a year. Golly gee willakers.

Okie, that’s it.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to discuss what those weird flags in the back of that photo are in the comments.


And Happy Star Wars Day.

Love, Bea.🧜‍♀️👩‍🚀

Song of the Day: The Weekend Whip, by The Fold. (Anyone else looking for the “secret which has remained unfolded since the song premiered in 2011”?😂)


  1. Oh and also—forgot to mention this in my haste🤭—THE NEON NINJA ARE NOT THE NORMAL NINJA. Some of you are “duh”ing, I’m sure, but this was confirmation for me. CRAY CRAY.

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