Felt doll revamp and photo-shoot!

Hello, lovely peeps!

So yeah…I haven’t posted in nearly a week.😐

For NO GOOD REASON except that I didn’t feel like it and didn’t have a whole lot to say.🤷‍♀️

But today I felt I probably needed to post, so…yeah!

First I’ll issue a MINOR SPOILER WARNING for Ninjago Seabound. Dunno if we’re still in spoiler zone, and I’m not at all consistent with warnings, so this could be pointless, but just in case.👍🏼


So…I have been felting since I was around six, and I have accumulated a MASSIVE amount of dolls in that time. (Speaking of which, if any of you are interested in a felt doll tutorial…👀)

Anyway, I was going through my tub cram-packed with dolls I don’t keep on display, and lo and behold—I found four sets of Jaya.😂

OG Pocket Jaya™
Deluxe Plush Legacy Jaya™
Magnet-Foot Jaya™
Pocket Jaya 2.0™

And, the subject of this post—

Weirdly Sized Casual Wear Jaya™

Revamp! 🏚 —> 🏠

So when I saw these, I just thought—WOW these are cool! And they were at the BOTTOM of a TUB???

I thought it’d be fun to do a reboot of these, because I have fond memories of them. (One time I made them Christmas-y outfits and took pictures of them dancing.)

Like most of my other old dolls, one of the main concerns was that the roving (the wool, or “felt”) was wrapped suuuuuper loosely.

[Pro Tip: If you’re trying to make something bulkier, YES you will have to use more fiber, but YOU ALSO NEED TO FELT IT DOWN OTHERWISE IT’S TOO SQUISHY]


For Jay, he was just a weird mess. His torso had originally been done in blue, which was super weird, but understandable because I didn’t have a whole lot of that flesh tone.

But anyway, another issue was ALL FOUR LIMBS. The legs were chunky and cumbersome, and his torso went down too long, so I had to do some…surgery. It wasn’t pretty. But hey, it worked!

Anyway, I felted down his legs and arms, patched over the blue on his torso, wrapped some new fiber around his neck where the yellow was showing (there was also some around his shoulders), and I had to make his torso the right shape because it was set weirdly in contrast to the arms. And to back track a minute, let it be known that the FIRST thing I did was rip off his flimsy toupee of hair. (Actually not sure of the order of any of this) His head was rounded out, then I gave him some nice new hair.



To start with, she was SUPER flimsy, and that meant her legs were all bent and stuff. But guess what. Her bones are made of pipe cleaners. So that really wasn’t a problem.

I don’t remember where I started, but I had to add some new stuff to all of her limbs, and her neck, because it was just bare pipe cleaner.

I redid her head, which was sorrowfully deflated and oval-ish, felted down her torso, (all of her torso was really un-felted, ‘twas weird) and gave her some lovely new hair. (I did keep her old hair, though, because it was a really cool braid)

And she was done!

(She’s wearing pants here because I made them for a thingy I did after the rest of the photo shoot.)

I LOVE that I was able to give these two favorites a makeover so I can keep having fun with them!😆

Playing with dolls is so much FUN for me, and when I learned how to make the ✨PERFECT✨ doll for myself, I MEAN—what else do you want in life?!? Goodness.

Anyway, let’s get to the photoshoot!!


Just a different angle lol
Cropped because my silly hand is ruining the mood😂

That last one makes me cry for silly reasons, if you can guess why then you will get fifty gold stars. (Hint: weird couch that definitely needed the pillow)

Thank you guys for reading, I have some plans for these, but we’ll have to see how many I actually do.😅

Hope you guys are looking forward to a good weekend, and a good February next week!

Love, Bea.❤️

Song of the Day: Could Have Been Me, by Halsey.


  1. When I first read the title I thought it said “I fell off a ramp” and I almost freaked out. But then my eyes started working and it made waaaaay more sense

    These are so fun!! I would love tutorial, it sounds like it would be so fun to make my ships in felt doll version. Those. Pictures. Of them. Oh my goodness. It’s so cute 😍🤌🏻
    Thank you for sharing, these are so very amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, nope. No ramps.😂
      I totally agree. It is just SO fun to have a tangible version of your ship! Haha, thank you, I had a lot of fun taking them.😁
      You’re welcome, and thank you again!😊

      Liked by 1 person

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