The reason I love Hands of Time—ILLUSTRATED

Hey peeps! Hands of Time has a rather bad rap, but I must say the Jaya it pertains makes it all worth it. Of course, like all of Ninjago, this season is written like a children’s show, and kind of evades Jaya…but there are times when we got some real good stuff. I had completely […]

I experiment with a line-less art method🤔

Hey peeps! Yesterday evening I was super bored, so I decided to try an art method that has been daunting to me for most of my art career. LINELESS PAINTING. I did a brief experimentation with this a few months (I think) ago, with a couple characters from The Game, and while only one turned […]

11 Years of Ninjago!!!🎉

Hey peeps! I am SO sorry I’m so late with this, I didn’t start a drawing until yesterday or the day before (can’t remember) for whatever reason, and just finished it.🥲 Before the drawing, though, my sister Leona made a cake for this occasion! It was. SO GOOD. We used whipped cream for frosting, and […]

Aesthetic Nya drawing w/ speed draw! ✍️💨

Hey peeps! So, I had an idea for today’s post, which was “making a Nya mood board using only free WordPress images”, but it was WAY harder than I expected, and I didn’t get very far. HOWEVER. While looking for pictures, I found this one! I found it really pretty, so I’m going to do […]


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