Art Tutorial! (Finally!) + Look at that; this is my 600th post!

(First, let’s just have a moment of thankfulness for a lovely series of events that occurred just before I posted this; I finished my math homework, only to find that it was exactly four o’clock. Then, look at that! My sweater was fresh out of the drier! (And I have been very cold today, so […]

Out of context Crystalized Jaya

oh the joys of watching episodes in a language I don’t understand. I have no clue what’s going on in this scene, and I can’t wait to hear it. Peace out.✌️ Love, Bea.❤️ Song of the Day: Something Just Like This/Hungarian Rapsody, by The Piano Guys. (It really is a fantastic smushing…) BONUS

IknowIhavethingstodobutumthisfirst (Hehe, some sketches too)

So, peeps. You MAY know, because of the excessive amount of times I’ve mentioned it, that I check the Ninjago Fandom Wiki…every day. Every one. (Well not EVERY one, but you get the point) So, as I’m checking it today, I’m scrolling down the list of episodes for Crystalized, and the…the list was longer. ALL […]


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