Hey y’alllll! I have so much fun stuff planned for a post, but I have not found time to write it.😐 I will most likely post tomorrow, with the monthly wrap up, an art dump, and some stuff on the Doctor Who AU. But I can’t right now. Sorry I’ve been gone for an entire […]

Watercolor art request, and The Sunshine and Rainbows Tag!🌈✨

Hello peeps, and happy weekend! Last night I finally got around to doing Zoe, from Random Thoughts of my Fandoms’ request! So, for those who aren’t checking the comments constantly *cough cough* the request was “Jay w/ Water Nya in a pool”. Which is just adorable. So here ye go! Lovely lovely lovelies.🥰 And, since […]


Heeeeeyyyy peeps! I have finally finished captain_scribbles’ comic request!!! I was so scared I would ruin this while I was working on it, because it jut didn’t click for a while, but I think it turned out decently. Speaking of requests, I got another one from… uh… her username is in a different language, so […]


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