Quick ”poll” for those who like oddly specific and possibly theoretical Ninjago thingies~

Good Wednesday, peeps!

Here’s an art for those who aren’t planning to stick around for my words. And for those who are, because I can’t control yer eyes.

As I mentioned on…Sunday? I’ve been messing around with a Nya movie concept. Buuuut I’ve kind of hit a roadblock, because I’m not 100% sure what the MORAL of her story is. what the point is. At least, not in the window I’ve opened for myself, i.e., the pilots—season 5.

So then I had another idea today, which was a slight ”DUH” situation, but still food for thought.

So I’m asking you guys!

Which do you think has the more interesting saga—Nya all on her lonesome, or JAYA? Personally, I believe that Nya was kind of completed by Jay, and vice-versa. If I did a movie all about Jaya’s growth, I could get all of the Nya points across, AND delve into the Jay side of things.

I don’t know. I’m still looking for an opportunity to do what The Hutt mentioned briefly a while ago (ohh the things that stick in my mind), which was basically that a pencil and white pencil on brown paper (not sure of the official title) sketch I did a while ago looked like it befitted ”the credits of a Jaya movie”.

Now, a Jaya movie could be cool, even if it was just theoretical. Because you just KNOW a lot of that ”theoretical” is going to be posted here in all its glory. I can just PICTURE the concept art.

Anyway. That got long.

Please let me know, if you have a sec to leave a comment!

Here’s a little something to get the wheels turning!

Haven’t done a Jaya poster yet. Oh well. It’s only a matter of time.


Love, Bea.💜

Song of the Day: Beautiful People (feat. Khalid), by Ed Sheeran.


  1. Ooh, first of all, the art is LOVELY!! Second, I suppose it depends. If you’re doing pilots to S5, there was some Jaya in S1 and 2, but we all know what happened in S3….so if you’re sticking with canon technically a Nya movie would cover both Nya alone and Jaya…but if this is an AU, I’m not sure which I’d prefer….I def think either way Jay and Nya have great personalities that bounce off each other so a Jaya movie prob has more potential for character drama and depth 🙂

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    • Thank you!
      I do believe if I did a Jaya movie, I would expand it to include…well, probably ALL of the show, but some parts would be more glossed over in favor of the Jaya agenda.
      And if I did a Nya movie, it would likely have a number of sequels, anyway.😅 🤷‍♀️

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  2. First off, someone must make a cartoon in your style, it’s so good (with your permission and credit obviously). That drawing… I cannot express how cute and pretty I think it is. The colors are on POINT as well

    Hmm, I think I agree with Chinesebun, you could really just focus on Nya if you did a 1-5, but I honestly think you could strike a happy medium and have it be like a Nya story, but like you said, Jay is such a big part of her life that he would play a major role. But I think it would be kinda like a third person limited sort of thing. We really only get the things about Jay that are relevant to Nya’s story you know? But we still get in depth conversations between the two of them bc I think that is important for her character. Does that make any sense?
    Out of curiosity, what do you mean by making a Nya/Jaya movie? Cause like if you want to actually make a thing I’ll help you, give me like 10 minutes to write the first draft of the screenplay and about 10 years to figure out how to animate, I’ll get there eventually

    Thank you for mentioning me in the post! It makes me smile and squeak 🤭🤗

    Ps: Unrelated, if you cover up the bottom of the J and the y in Jaya, it looks like the word lava

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    • Haha, thank you! Wow, it WOULD be cool to see a full-on official cartoon in my style. I’m pretty happy with it right now.😁

      Hm, yeah, I think that makes sense. So even if it WAS an “exclusively Nya” movie, it would basically be a Jaya movie anyway, what with how much they interact.

      The dream is to have it be a full-length, animated movie; an inspired medley of canon and fanon, utilizing all the audio clips from the show possible, and the parts that are tweaked for dramatic effect or parts that are added would be subtitled!
      Oh my gosh, if you seriously want to help that would be AMAZING.🫢 Like, I had a bit of a fan girl fit last night after I read your comment. I mean, if you’re serious, I had a bit of an idea for how to make it a team thing…Haha, no pressure, I am a notorious big dreamer and I know it can be overwhelming.😅

      Hehe, you’re welcome!!

      Reply to your Ps: Wow, I had not noticed that, but now my life is now complete with that knowledge. Thank you.😂

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      • Wow, you know, now you mention it we probably could work together! I dunno about fully animated, but if we came together I bet we could make a series of animatics that would add up to be kinda like a movie! If you wanted 👉👈 I might have to think about it (feels like quite the commitment) but that sounds really fun!

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      • Hm, yeah! And little bits of a movie like that would still be quite enjoyable. And I (like to think that I) can do a solid amount of full-on animating, ESPECIALLY if I had a buddy. Polishing up and coloring is actually pretty fun, once you have some basic animation down. Haha, like I said, I’m a big dreamer. Even just some animatics would be a whole lot of fun.
        Think all ye want! Once again, noooo pressure.✨


      • It would be sooo awesome if we did that. There would be parts that would just be animatic and story board, but I agree that we could make fully animated parts if we worked together! There are also people we could retrieve from the Jaya discord to help, but that could get complicated and messy real easy.
        I will give it heavy consideration, and let me know what you think, if you would want to do that together! (If you’d want to work with me lol)

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      • Indeed! First; wow, there’s a Jaya discord…and second, I agree that things could get complicated. But it’s nice to know there’s a community that’s interested in that sort of thing. Heh, at least we’d have an audience!
        Okie dokie! I know that I would LOVE to do that with you; you make me feel so much more sane about stuff like this.😅

        Although, while I have a sort of concept, working “together” would be a tad complicated. I mean, not “complicated”, really, but probably not conventional.

        I guess it weighs into your decision, so I’ll be clear for once.

        Since I’m not allowed to talk to peeps on the internet privately, I thought it could be interesting to actually (heh, it sounds extreme even as I type it) launch a site specifically for working on this. Like, we could use it as a virtual note pad for stuff; posts—since I think for simplicity’s sake we’d host it together—could include artwork, “script” stuff, etcetera, and it would fit within the internet strangers guideline. It wouldn’t be publicized, so it would be private in the sense that random people aren’t always poking their noses in, but it would also fit within the internet safety parameters.

        And then anyone you find on the metaphorical street could partly contribute via comments and stuff.

        If this is too much…that’s fine! I just thought it was worth mentioning!

        Haha, okie, I’ll end this comment now, lol. Oh, and, since we’re on the Jaya subject, “Oasis”, by A Great Big World, is possibly the PERFECT Jaya song.

        Okie, bye, furealzies!✨

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      • Yes! Of course. Whatever makes you feel the most safe and comfortable when talking with me is best. I think your solution is great! But I hope you know how to set up a collaborative site because I do not 👉👈
        But yeah, thank you for being so nice to me. I only hope I do the same! And I hope we can continue to be Ninjago friends

        Btw, do you think we’d write an entire script before beginning on the drawings, if we are to pursue this?

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      • Oh ma gorsh, I was having a mini panic attack about your reply—you’re just so gosh darn nice.🥹
        So do I!
        Hm, I’m not sure! I think that would be the most…I dunno, professional way to do it, but we would likely do concept art and sketches to aid the writing process AS we work on the script.

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      • Oo, yeah, you’re right. Maaaan, I wish I had my iPad right now, I might see what I can do.

        Also I should probably go ahead and say I think I AM on board with this idea, and I would like to take on this project with you! But I would like to be transparent in that I am not a very fast worker, and I’ve never done ANYTHING like this before so I’m not sure how it shall go! But probably if we focus on having fun the rest will work itself out!

        And thank you again 🤗

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      • Oh, and I BELIEVE I know how to set it up, because I did a collab site with someone a while back, but I’d have to reacquaint myself.😅

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      • Will do! I’m working on a The Game thing for the TG website right now, (and then I need to post the latest Jaya June post😮) but I’ll likely be done soon, and if I don’t start work on this (the site) tonight, it’ll be tomorrow.👍🏼

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      • Okay, good morning for starters. ALSO. I just sent (or tried to sent, eee!) an invitation for you to be an administrator on the site. I’m not done setting everything up, but now you can (hopefully!) view it yourself and make your own changes!
        Hope you’re doing well!

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      • Worried that it didn’t work—not because you haven’t responded, but because I don’t know your @ thingie is. If you could let me know when you can?
        Thank ye kindly.✨


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