💜Jaya June💙: June 1–3

Hello hello, Jaya stans, and various non-Jaya-stan onlookers!

Welcome to the first three drawings of ✨JAYA JUNE 2022✨

Before that, though…anyone else fanning over the quote—

Jay: ”I’m not strong enough!”
Nya: ”Then let’s be strong together!”

From Skybound??? 🥹

Absolutely perfect line for Jaya. Things I’d reanimate if I had the storage and capacity!

Along with this.

I’ve watched this probably over ten times today. WHAT GLORIOUS BEAUTY

Okay, now, on to the ART!!

Okay, I LOVE this one. It wasn’t actually my idea, I saw a drawing with this same concept a while ago and it came back to me yesterday.😆 Inspired by that line in The Darkness Comes:

Nya: Ask me what?
Jay: Um. Ask you where you got that shirt—haha—because it’s awesome. I want one.
Nya: It’s a kimono, Jay. A traditional gown worn by women?
Jay: Uh, guys can wear them, too.

Ninjago Wiki—The Darkness Comes/Transcript

This was strangely a long time in the making; I couldn’t figure out exactly what to do for the prompt. But then me and my littlest sister were playing frisbee—we got one to practice with, since I recently starting playing Ultimate Frisbee—and I was like ”DUH!”

It may not be super ”awww” worthy, but I think it turned out well. Also, word to the wise, don’t throw the frisbee when THAT close to someone.

And that concludes week one of Jaya June!!! This has been super fun thus far, and I hope you guys are enjoying it, too.


Love, Bea.💜

Song of the Day: My Family, by Migos, KAROL G, Snoop Dogg & Rock Mafia. (Ninja-family dynamic, y’all!!! it’s fantastic🥹)


  1. These are so heckin cute I CANNOT-

    Also, I was tryna draw the one for #match, but after you posted this I realized my incomplete sketch has an almost identical pose to yours, I’m not even joking 😂😭 By total accident! Jay has his arms splayed and Nya is supposed to be standing there in her pink kimono. They’re even on the same side! 😫 I’m sorry, I promise I wasn’t copying you, I just thought that was really funny 😆

    I love the first one so much 🥺 They are so sweet

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, thanks.😆
      Wow! Haha, great Jaya-minds think alike!😂
      Yeah, they really are. I’m flipping out while waiting for more Crystalized, because I just KNOW there is so much Jaya they can do there…And Jaya they SHOULD do there! Heh, I’ve already done so many sketches…😅
      AHEM. the point is that YES, Jaya is precious.💜

      Liked by 1 person

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