Proving A Point, Part 3 (Jayaaaa🤭)

Goooood almost afternoon, peeps.

I am feeling lonely and blagh right now, as it is pitifully raining and I woke up late, so I’m posting this ahead of Mermay today.

This is my favorite yet, and I’m happy to say it has NO spoilers!

I’m INCREDIBLY proud of this one.☺️ I used this image for quite a bit of color picking, so here’s that.

Well, that’s it. I hope you guys are all doing okay!

Love, Bea.💜

Song of the Day: Anyone Else But You, by Anthony de la Torre & Lana Condor.


  1. Holy COW those colors are awesome!! I love this scene so much 😍 GORGEOUS rendering. I know I say this A LOT but it’s so cool how far you’ve come!! Putting your first art piece from this blog next to this one, and then only having a 2 year different 🤯
    Okay, enough of my fanning (unless you encourage me and then I will keep going). This is a beautiful piece, I love how Nya looks. Also, have you been using a spots texture brush in places or is it just the quality of the image through WordPress? I just see little places that are textured and either way it looks awesome.

    I hope you feel better! Thank you for sharing 💙

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    • Thanks! I love that scene too, it’s just so PRECIOUS.🥹
      That is absolutely the best thing to come from Covid; drawing (almost) every day as a coping mechanism was the most helpful thing to ever happen to me artistically!
      Heh, it’ll start to sound braggy if I keep agreeing with your praise, but I LOVE HOW I DID NYA TOO.😀
      I actually used the “Noise” feature in Procreate, in a layer on top of everything!

      I do, thanks, and you’re welcome!😊✨

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