Mermay 2022 Day 16: #ElectronicGaming + pen-sketch comic

Hello peeps, and welcome back to MERMAY.

Anyone losing interest yet?🥱 We’re over halfway through, so hang in there!!!

Today we have another MERJAGO~

This is inspired by the first impression upon seeing the prompt for today: Electronics UNDER WATER???

Mermaid Jay doesn’t know what he’s supposed to with this weird box.🤨

And yes. The eyebrow notch is back.

For now.

And in OTHER Ninjago news (anyone getting tired of THIS???), the Nya personality ✨thingy✨ is pretty much ready! I am putting off posting it just ✨because✨, and partly because I need to go do work once THIS post is done.

But it’s fun work, and I’m mostly just doing this because I get anxious about stuff.

Oh! Almost forgot. I have a little Jaya comic!

This is a quote from Deep Space Nine, one of the Star Trek series(sss?).

(That formatting is horrible, I’m sorry😅)

This is a really good quote for the post, and just generally real cute.

Okie, that’s it!

Thanks for reading (mostly looking at art—), and happy Monday!

Love, Bea.🧜‍♀️

Song of the Day: You Don’t Know My Heart, by Rachel Platten.


  1. I never get tired of your posts!!
    And Jay’s hair look fantastic! New technique or did it just turn out that way? (It looks different than usual)
    So excited for the Nya thing!! Lovely comic as well! I love your style 🥺
    I hope you are doing alright , thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES IT IS.
      Haha, that would be the effect of under-water-ness. It does look good! I will take note.🤔
      Yes! My hype tactics are working! I desperately hope it lives up to expectations.😅
      Thank you so much!😊
      I am indeed doing alright, and I extend the same sentiment to you. You are welcome!😁


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