Mermay 2022 Day 14: #Cozy

Hey peeps!

toDAYYY, we have a mythological oopsie!

For this prompt, I’ve drawn a Selkie. A Selkie is a mythical creature that can change between woman and seal using a magical seal skin!

And yet I have drawn it as a mermaid.

Hey, it may not be accurate, but she’s cute.

She indeed looks VERY cozy.

And I have ALSO been preparing a comprehensive and illustrated guide to Nya’s personality, but I’m still making edits, so I’m not quite ready to share. Here’s one of the illustrations that didn’t make it into the post!

A kind of sad moment, but a key example of some points I made in the post. And I like how the style looks in this one. 😋

Thanks for reading, and happy Saturday!!

Love, Bea.🧜‍♀️

Song of the Day: Starlight (Taylor’s Version), by Taylor Swift.

P.s. Anyone got Jaya songs they’d like to see ✨illustrated✨? of course not fully, but ✨partially✨? I think that could be fun to do, so if y’all have any favorites, let me know! And please keep it clean~


  1. So, my best friend in the whole wide world has enlightened me by reminding me of the Irish mermaid: a Merrow! That’s basically what I’ve drawn here. So yay! My drawing is not a horrific butchering of mythology! Thanks, Best Friend!💕

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  2. Jaya song recommendations?? I have them!-

    I like how her selkie skin is like poking up out of her sweater! (At least that’s what it looks like to me) Very cute! And I am now very excited for this personality study!

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  3. As for songs, I’m gonna try to pick the most relevant ones:
    Arcade by Duncan Laurence (this might be more of a Jay song but-)

    Something Just Like This by the Chainsmokers (reminds me of early Jaya)

    And Wrecked by Imagine Dragons (literally perfect for post-Seabound Jaya. Like it legit has a line that is in direct reference to Skybound as well. It is a little sad, fair warning)

    You definitely don’t have to illustrate all of these, if any. I just thought I’d provide some options, inspo and if nothing else a new song to love!

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    • Oh my goodness, I love Arcade. I hadn’t heard it in a while and forgot, but it’s GOOD. I listened to it right when your comment came in, and I was just belting the chorus while taking the dog out. 😂 Thank you for that!
      Oh yes, that one is good, too.
      WRECKED IS PERFECT HOW~ Haha, I read it wrong, and thought you said “post-Skybound”, and while it totally works for post-Seabound, PICTURE THIS. It’s Jay—DURING SKYBOUND.😲 I might very well illustrate it as that…Thank you for the recommendation, that is a gem if I’ve ever heard one.


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  4. (Unrelated to the post) You know, out of curiosity, have you ever heard of the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons crossover? It’s like a miniature fandom thing where people imagine what if Hiccup from HTTYD, Jack Frost of Rise of Guardians, Rapunzel, and Merida from Brave, met and became friends. There’s fanart, fanfiction, edits, the whole shabang. Since you enjoy Tangled and HTTYD I just thought I’d ask

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