Mermay 2022 Day 2: #Siren

Salut, peeps!

I am once again just barely getting this in on time, because…well, procrastination. life. etcetera.

AND I couldn’t figure out exactly what to draw.

I went from

classic siren


siren orchestra


simply a siren conductor.

Of course, most mermaids can sing. but in my mermaid-verse, the sirens are particularly good at it. And, in a modern mer-world, sirens often take up singing professionally!

I really like the color scheme I chose here, and I feel like this lovely lady’s ears turned out really well.

Oh, and a quick announcement: My GRANDMOTHER is coming for Mother’s day! she’s going to be here for the rest of the week and into the next, so my Mermay posts might be more brief. However, I do think I’ll have enough time to keep drawing and posting these. 👍🏼

One last thing: HAS ANYONE SEEN THE NEW NINJAGO SETS YET?!?!?! I just remembered to look at the Lego website today, and WOW. There are a LOT. They look CRAZY!!!! Man, I’m getting incredibly excited…

I mean—

There is just a lot to unpack.

I don’t have the time to go into everything (and some things might actually be spoilery?😯), so I’ll just leave it at that.

Okay, that’s it.

Happy Monday!

Love, Bea.🧜‍♀️

Song of the Day: Who I’d Be, by Daniel Breaker & Brian d’Arcy James


  1. I decided to just…. not look at the sets, because I know they will spoil. I already saw the thumbnail of a video on YouTube about the sets and I was like asdfkfklcnehkl NO SPOILEYS-
    But yeah. Those colors are GORGEOUS!! Wow! I love mermaids, they are so cool.
    And scary.
    I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day with your family!! And now I bid thee, goodnight 💤

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