Popping in to share a couple AMAZING songs

Hello peeps!

So, I went into Apple Music the other day, and lo and behold, James Arthur has released a new acoustic song.

I LISTEN TO IT. And, look at that, it’s really good.

The song is “Lose My Mind (feat. Josh Franceschi) [Acoustic]”, and it’s really good.🥲

P.s: OMG I JUST REALIZED THIS WORKS FOR LIGHTHOUSE BEARDY JAY.🤭 Okay, may be back with a drawing tomorrow…

Oh, and also, The Joker And The Queen by Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift??? A while ago I couldn’t imagine being so into “current” music, but these are both really good.🥺

Anywho, gonna shamelessly plug my and L.B.’s book now. The Game! We published on Thursday, and are super excited about it! You can find more deets here, and you can purchase it here!

Hope you’re all well, and are enjoying your weekend.

Love, Bea.❤️

Song of the Day: t h e a b o v e

Weekly Bible Verse: Your throne, O God, is forever and ever. The scepter of your kingdom is a scepter of uprightness…Psalm 45:6


  1. Welp, gonna have to check out these songs now XD Also I very tempted to buy your book 👀 My only hesitation was that the genre of this book isn’t one I usually read, BUT I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It’s so amazing that you’ve actually published a book like that, I feel inspired. I would love to offer my support 👐 Are the copies flying off the shelf? Should I hurry before you sell out??

    Ps: I feel bad for asking but I left a comment on one of your older posts, it was the one where you posted chapter 5 of the amnesia AU. The ONLY reason I bring it up is because the comment sort of disappeared as soon as I posted it?? So I just wanted to see if that was a technology mess up or you just hadn’t seen it. Like I said though I don’t want to be a pest if you just hadn’t gotten to it, it’s not too important xp

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    • Hehe, yes, Lose My Mind is now engrained in MY mind.😂
      Okie well it seems you just DID purchase it, and for that I THANK YOU!!😙 You’re the first person to buy it who isn’t a relative or has already read it! Congratulations. I personally like to think that, while the genre IS historical fiction, we’ve made the characters a lot more like you’d find in a contemporary novel. At least, to an extent. (If you’re worried about it being interesting, I’ll have you know that my eleven-year-old sister has already fallen in love with one of the characters🤣) I hope you’ll enjoy it!

      Answer to your Ps: Oh, hm, I’ll have to go digging. Did you leave it recently, or back when I posted it? Things go to spam sometimes, but if it’s old I may have just never approved it or something…Comments are my faves, so don’t worry about pointing out another one!😂

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      • Just listened to it. I fear if I listen to it again it will start eating my brain, but if I don’t I’ll just have a ghost of the song bugging me all day saying, “that tune was catchy, I want to hum it, but I can’t remember the words!” It’s a good song though XD

        Yes, I decided to go ahead and buy it! But now I gotta wait for it to arrive… darn.
        I will say, I’m very curious as to where the title comes from… The Game sounds almost sinister, but from what I’ve heard this more of a Little House on the Prairie story (that’s my first impression). But no spoilers! I shall find out very soon!!

        It was a comment I left recently. The only reason I made it on an older post was because it was most relevant to that specific post.

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      • Haha, I will try to get it to you post haste! (Also, sorry I kind of just disappeared there, we were watching church😅) The explanation of the title is on our website AND in the preface. So yes, you will know soon.😋

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