Experimenting with a Hercules AU for Ninjago🤔 (ART!!!)

Salut, peeps!

It is kind of late for me, but I really wanted to talk about my latest mini-obsession: The Hercules AU.

First, I gotta place the credit where it’s due, and that is The Hutt! A while ago they did a post with a sketch of Nya singing Go The Distance as Hercules.

Now, this is a novel concept, and it caught my interest.

BuuUUTUuTUUTUTUTTT I decided to go a different direction with my version of the AU, because I watched Hercules again and uh I really needed Nya to go in the Megara direction.

Still might end up going in the Nya/Hercules direction, but that would be a lot of complicated tweaking to make Meg’s lines fit Jay, and I don’t think he can actually BE jaded unless it involved Nya.🤷‍♀️

Anyway, for now, we have some sketches!!!😱

First, the gem of this AU; BUFF JAY. Now, I’m definitely on the beanpole Jay train, but I think this works! Haha, a little. Feel free to guffaw.

Now, THIS works. I love love love love LOVE Meg’s design. It’s just so…I don’t know, it’s just particularly pretty. The Hercules animation design seems to draw inspiration from ancient Greek pottery, and that works SO WELL.

We also get to have lots of #extremeNyahair moments in this AU. Meg has some great hair, and, for Nya/Meg, I’ve given her longer hair. Which is so much fun to play with.

Another thing that I changed for the sake of the dynamic was Jay’s height. If you’ve hung around this blog long enough, you know that I draw Jay somewhere in the shorter than/same height as Nya zone.

Maybe Nya got shorter, or maybe Jay got taller. I don’t know. But this IS an alternate universe, so things can be totally different, right?

*WEEP* This is WHY. I really like thinking of Nya like this. I mean, she thought her parents abandoned her, I’d think this would be her outlook at some point in her life.

(Also, my handwriting is so good here…😂)

I love this sceneeeee!!!😩

And for the finale, THIS. (I tried The Hutt’s freckle method, IT’S SO COOL)

With the handy help of some tracing of a screenshot of a GIF, we have what I think is a pretty solid drawing.

This is the image I used

*sigh* I just love coming up with new incarnations of Jaya to cope with the gaping chasm of non-Jaya in canon at the moment.🥲

I have a whole main cast strung together, but I’m short on time, so that will have to wait.

Thank you for reading and viewing! If you have any ideas for the AU, leave ‘em in the comments; I would love to hear them!

Hope you’re all well!

Love, Bea.❤️

Song of the Day: I Won’t Say (I’m In Love), by Susan Egan.


  1. Oh my gosh, the colors on that one are sooo goood, they are so 😱🥰😍😭
    Lol buff Jay. Sometimes I draw him buff by accident and it’s just like, “Huh, that’s different” (cause for some reason, only being able to draw males or females isn’t really my problem, no, I can just draw male shoulders, and female hips. That’s all. Torso? Of either gender? Ha! Don’t make me laugh!)
    You’re drawings look great though, all of them! I love the one of Nyeg wringing out her hair. And I guess Jay could be… Jerkules?? Wait no-
    I do love Jay as Herc, and the whole adopted thing works perfectly. BUT, do consider, Jay as Meg does have potential. I think the best way to do it would be to exploit the sarcastic and dramatic (and dramatically cowardly) parts of Jay. Things like, the way he acted on Day of the Great Devourer, and all the sass he had in the first xyz number of seasons. But if we looking at easiest to translate (and most fun for drawing cos extreme Nya hair), then definitely this one

    Thank you for linking my post, and for sharing your glorious art. Tell me, who do you think would be Phil?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! And yes, buff Jay.😂
      Yep, agreed. That could be really cute, and playing with the more serious, sassy part of Jay could be fun. And then again I go “but Hercules is so NERVOUS it’s so CUTE” and “Nya would TOTALLY SAY THAT” and “YES SHE DID THE ‘MOMENTARY LET-GUARD-DOWN’ THING” But yes. I see merits in both of them.
      You’re welcome!
      At this moment in time, I’m honestly leaning in the Cole direction for Phil.😅 BUT. I have sobered the character up a bit for this AU, and have made him a *fangirl-fanfare* centaur. Yup. Centaur. I feel like Cole wouldn’t do well as a…what is Phil, a satyr? Pretty sure. But having buff, awesome Cole as that short little goat-man feels almost inSULTING.
      And then again, Master Wu could work. But, as I put in a note in my sketchbook, he’s a bit too moderate. However, a sort of Achilles/Morro thing could possibly sway me…MAYBE. But still, if I’m going off of dance numbers, dynamic, and personality, I’d have to go with Cole.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Tips. Hm. Well I remember that one of the first times I even dared attempt such a thing was a copy of a fanart I found (Which is super helpful for practice).
      Now-a-days, I’d say that you really have to master a good side-view in order to get the effect you want. And, as someone who spent the first of her art days using bases and the like, studying others’ pieces (including Disney movies, fanart, ART art, etc) is super helpful. And using some bases for experimentation is a fine place to start.

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