Jayyyyaaa ART DUMPPP🤩💜💙


Inspired by a new wave of Ninjago enthusiasm, including the third piece of art in this post because it was just fantastic, I did a bunch of Jaya art this weekend!

So…let’s begin! Enjoy!

This is inspired by Got To Get You Into My Life, by The Beatles! Just Jay being adorable, happy Jay, and Nya coming along for the ride.

What can I do, what can I be?
When I’m with you, I want to stay there
If I’m true, I’ll never leave
And if I do, I know the way there

Inspired by All About Us, by He Is We. Because I love that for Jaya. I also tried putting Nya in yellow…I think it actually looks really nice on her.

This drawing is my favorite out of all of them.😆

‘Cause lovers dance when they’re feelin’ in love
Spotlight shining it’s all about us
It’s all, about us
And every heart in the room will melt
This is a feeling I’ve never felt but
It’s all about us

This one’s more sketchy, and it is that adorable “scene” from the Ninjago City Gardens set, released for the 10th anniversary. This is one I actually did in my sketchbook, and traced it in.

Hehe, this kind of demonstrates a new change-type thing I’ve been experimenting with. The Hutt does Nya’s hair in SUCH AN EXPRESSIVE WAY it’s just stunning. So I’ve added a bit of volume to my translation, because I found that really pretty.

Another one brought in from my sketchbook.

Possible story behind this one is that Jay fell asleep on the couch after training.

Also love this one.😊

Was once again partly inspired by The Hutt, as in the inspirational drawing linked at the beginning of this post, they did something like the thing I did for the background for this one. Thought it was a clever, simple way to get the shading and colors needed to attain the right mood.

And this one is not my favorite, but isn’t the worst, so there. Also traced in.

This one is inspired by the song Photograph, by Cody Fry.

You’re sitting on the chair
Wrapped inside a bedsheet
Playing with your hair
Watching people on the high street

This other sketch I did for the same thing is pretty good too, so here.


Hope you enjoyed that!!! I sure did. Here’s to Jaya! 🎉

Happy Sunday, y’all! I hope you’re looking forward to an awesome week.

Love, Bea.❤️

Song of the Day: Mentioned a few songs in this post, so those kind of count. You can take your pick.


    That second one?? Oh my GOSH ITS GORGEOUS.
    You- I- ahhahshdjdksls~
    Wait a minute, you took inspiration from how I do Nyas hair? But, but, but *I* took inspiration from how YOU draw her hair!!
    You’re just so sweet 😭😭 This Jaya, it’s gorgeous. That one where Nya is holding Jay? PERFECTION. Jay is such a long bean, I love how you draw them both. And you drew ALL these this weekend??

    Before I leave I gotta keep talking about the second one; that dress? GORGEOUS. The clothing folds? FABULOUS. Jaya outfit? SWOON.
    I must ask, how do you draw Jay’s freckles? I was just curious.

    Okay, I’m watching Beauty and the Beast and working on a Ninjago drawing meself, so I must go, but THANK YOU for blessing my evening with these works of ART!!!! I love them! It’s because of all this curfluffle that I remember why I love Jaya

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