❤️Hopefully a solid month of goodness❤️

Hey peeps!

February has come again, and so far it’s been a pretty good month! But let’s take a moment and say farewell to last month.

Monthly goals: January 2022

Make some sort of garment

Key words are “some sort”. I made a lot of doll clothing, but I didn’t make anything substantial for myself.

I’ll just say I accomplished that one.

Fix my green sweater or find replacement

Did it! there is now a very cool looking red knitted patch on my sweater.

Make some sort of food from a recipe

Done! We made brownies twice this month!

Purchase something that will better my life

Nope. Mostly because I couldn’t figure out what exactly bettering my life would look like…I’m pretty content with my life, and nothing material is going to make me MORE content with it.

January 2022 Stats

Sketchbooks finished: 0
Art pieces displayed: of my own, none. Of friends and sisters, 2.
New skills acquired: 2
Blog posts published: 10

Monthly Goals: February 2022

  • Celebrate my and my sister’s birthday
  • Experiment with a week-long spring roll diet

To clarify, when I say spring roll I don’t mean EGG ROLLS—the crunchy ones—I mean the mess of vegetables, rice noodles, and sometimes meat wrapped in rice paper. I’ve been trying to figure out how to eat more vegetables and enjoy it at the same time, and I LOVE homemade spring rolls, so…yeah!

  • Publish The Game
  • Go on a bike ride every day

Well, that’s it for that!

I’m hoping to post that felt doll tutorial soon, hopefully this week, even though I’m pretty much the only one who wanted it!😅 (besides Izzy—thanks for being enthusiastic lol)

Thanks for reading, hope you’re enjoying your February so far!

Love, Bea.❤️

Song of the Day: Sugar, by Maroon 5.

P.s. This is my 500th post on The Beahive!!!


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