11 Years of Ninjago!!!🎉

Hey peeps!

I am SO sorry I’m so late with this, I didn’t start a drawing until yesterday or the day before (can’t remember) for whatever reason, and just finished it.🥲

Before the drawing, though, my sister Leona made a cake for this occasion!

It was. SO GOOD. We used whipped cream for frosting, and it was just so incredibly good!!!😍

(Here’s the recipe we used!)

And here’s the drawing!

It’s…not my best. The characters themselves are pretty good in my opinion, but the concept is shaky. Oh well. It’s something.

But I won’t let that but a damper on this!

Congratulations, Ninjago, on making it through another year! 10 Years of Spinjitzu was a hard one, because of SOMEONE’s favorite character LEAVING and the second(?) bummer ending in Ninjago history, but all in all it was another solid year.

A big thank you to all of the creators, this show is amazing, and has blessed me in so many ways.😊

Happy Birthday, Ninjago!

Love, Bea.💚💙💜🤍❤️🖤

Song of the Day: Burning House, by Cam.


  1. Thank you for posting, your timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I was feeling kind of scared and nervous just now for not much reason, but this is making me feel better. I always love reading your posts 🙃
    Anyway I would love to talk about this BEAUTIFUL piece of art before us! Since you don’t do full body very often, especially of guys, it was very fun to see this! I think it’s a beautiful drawing with a really fun concept, I love that they’re painting! May I ask, who is Cole drawing? WordPress won’t let me zoom in at the moment. Nya kind if looks like a cat being perched up there at the top XD I just love this, beautiful job, Bea.
    Thank you, I appreciate you and your work! I wish you a happy weekend and a goodnight to you 💤

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    • Well thank you. I recently have started drawing full bodies willy nilly, because the Aesthetic Nya drawing turned out really well, and it has been a BLAST.😆
      Cole is painting his mother. I was going to try and have them each paint a scene from Ninjago that was important to them, but I couldn’t get my brain to work.🤷‍♀️
      Thank you so much, a happy weekend to you too!😊

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      • Ahh okay. That’s who I thought he was painting but I just wanted to clarify. That’s cool though! I like the concept! It sounds like the mural thing at the monastery.
        Keep it up with the beautiful anatomy!!

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  2. 11 years of Ninjago?? Already? That’s super cool! Aaaaah this show is almost the same age as me (three-year difference…) That cake looks fun, maybe I’ll try your recipe! Love how you put Nya on the top 😀

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