Sketchbook Wrapup No.2


We have glazed over an ENTIRE sketchbook, but here we are at 2021 sketchbook number…three, I think. Yeah, three. I think.

To start with, here’s the cover! Hehe, it’s a good one. Except for the fact that I spilled water on it…😗

Anywho, buckle up buttercup, we’re going to look at some ART!!! Not nearly as much as last time, but a lot!

And there IS some The Game stuff, because I draw a LOOOOT of that.

All in all, this is an art dump. I’m going to give commentary on most of these, but the amount will vary.

ALSO, and I promise this is the final note, I have deemed some of these “generic couples” to avoid spoilers or cringe. ‘Kay?

Now, onto the ART!!!

September 16

Roo and Fae, from The Game.

September 23

A flower person, specifically the wife of the mayor of a town composed of flower people, which me and my sisters made when we were younger.

September 26
October 11

A SkyWing of Wings of Fire, my younger sister (Leona, the middle)’s OC. Probably one of the best dragons I’ve ever done.

October 13

This is kind of a mixed success, because Hiccup looks weird and Astrid looks FAB, but I’m willing to like it despite its imperfections. Because Astrid definitely IS fab.

November 19

Another The Game sketch, actually a concept art, but I can’t say much because spoilers.🤫

November 23

That scene from Seabound when Nya gets all discouraged and Jay adorably tries to comfort her, but she’s SAD

November 25

For the Little Mermaid AU!! Jaya.

November 29

Jaya from the Doctor Who AU! Hehe, this is one of my faves.🤗

November 29

Queen Esther, from The Bible. Always fun to try drawing objectively beautiful people.

December 3

One of those “generic couples”. Very proud of this actually, it’s probably one of my best kisses.💋

December 5


December 5

12th Doctor, from the AU.

December 5
December 6

The Doctor from the AU, with the decided regenerations. (9 do be lookin’ real cute tho)

December 12

A little comic strip from The Husbands of River song, in the AU. Also with a ✨filter✨

December 13

Some various Kieras, some of my all-time favorites!💕

December 14

A sketch of the dress Kiera’s wearing in the drawing before this one.

December 21
December 21
December 21

And another generic couple. Find this really cute.🥰

And that’s it for the September—December 2021 sketchbook! This is one that I’m actually pretty good with it all the way through, which is rare with me.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making this stuff!!😄

Happy Epiphany, y’all!

Love, Bea.❤️

Song of the Day: See You Tomorrow, by Muscadine Bloodline.


  1. ART!! YEEE!!!

    I think my favorite thing about kissing drawings is that, when it’s just a bust, the people make the shape of a heart. It’s so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

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