January 2022. WOW.😧

Salut mon peepity peeps!

Welcome to the year 2022! That’s a bit crazy. But indeed, here we are in a new year!

This year will hopefully be a good one.

Anyway, let’s get into December’s wrap-up, and some goals for January.

Monthly goals: December 2021

Enjoy the end of 2021

I’d say that I did! We had a wonderful Christmas, and it SNOWED, starting the day after, and we’ve had snow every day since, with temperatures going down to the teens!

Look at these epic icicles!!!🤩

Finish Christmas presents on time

Just BARELY did I do this. The very complicated present I made for my younger sister was in progress until eleven o’clock on Christmas Eve.😅 But everything was done and ready to open on time.

Increase the amount of Nyas by at least ONE


I drew 72 Nyas in December!!!

Here are a couple of my favorites from recently.


Don’t stress over itty bitty inconsequential things

Well, this isn’t really something to be measured, but I believe I did manage this somewhat well.

December 2021 Stats

Sketchbooks finished: 1
Nyas drawn: 72
2,316 🎉
Art pieces displayed: 0
New skills acquired: 1
Blog posts published: 10

Monthly Goals: January 2022

  • Make some sort of garment
  • Fix my green sweater or find replacement

(Explanation: I have a sweater that I got the year we moved here I think, and by now it has this huge gaping hole in the elbow, and I need to either fix it or get a new sweater)

  • Make some sort of food from a recipe
  • Purchase something that will better my life

This is more action based, so it’ll be harder, but I hope to be able to complete these.👍🏼

That’s all for now, thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!

Love, Bea.❄️

Song of the Day: Look What You’ve Done, by Tasha Layton.

Weekly Bible Verse: So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 7:12

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