✨🌟So long, 2021!🌟✨

I must say it feels like a VERY long time since I last posted, but it was less than a week ago… part of that is because we’re on a school break and we finished writing The Game last weekend, I’m sure.

But I wanted to do some sort of post to wave goodbye to another year of my life, and another year of Earth!

Haha, but today we’re mainly focusing on my little bubble.

✨Big accomplishments!✨

Wrote a book!!

This is a HUGE accomplishment for me and Best Friend, I mean, we spent all of 2021 working on this! We plan to have it up for sale by spring of 2022, so you can all look forward to that.

Got better at art

I mean, I must say I have made stunning improvement since December 2020.

Here’s a drawing I did around this time last year.

And here’s one from today!

Hehe, sketching with pens is so fun😆

Started using a Hobonichi again!

For those who don’t know, a Hobonichi is a Japanese journal/planner, that my mom really likes using. I did one every year for a few years when I was little, then stopped. This year I started using one again, actually prompted by a post about journaling which I sadly cannot find.😕 It was really good, and if the blogger who posted it is reading this by any chance, leave a comment so I can find your post!

Anyway, this was a super fun way of journalling, kind of like the doodling form of that. I’m very excited to have a full one by this time next year, since I started my current one in August so it’s only half full.

Moved into a new room

I moved into a room by myself this year, it’s very nice, and it’s downstairs, which is something new. It’s perfect for my artsy needs, and I LOVE IT.💕

Got back into Adventures in Odyssey

I’ve mentioned Odyssey before, but I’ll MENTION IT AGAIN. It’s a Christian radio drama which has been going for 34 years, 35 next year! CRAZY!!!

We lost Will Ryan, a voice actor for this program, last month. He’ll be missed.❤️

It’s really good, and it has strengthened my faith in a million ways. I recommend it to absolutely anyone, it’s really interesting!

Of course, there are lots of other things I could list, but I’m not going to bore you.

This year has also been a landmark for Ninjago, as we celebrated 10 years!

Anyway, thank you to everyone who’s been along for the ride this year, you’ve all made this year very special.😊

I’ll be back tomorrow with the monthly wrap up, which will be the first post of 2022!

Thanks for reading, all of you!

Until Next Year, Bea.❤️

Song of the Day: Auld Lang Syne, by Celtic Woman.


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