Doctor Who AU Comic Redraw, because WHY NOT (spoilerssssss)

Salut peeps!

In light of an absence of originality, I have decided to do some redraws. I’ve recently rekindled my love of Doctor Who, and my coinciding Ninjago AU, sooooo I redid a comic I remember being very happy with, i.e. this one.

Love love LOVE drawing this bit of the AU, because I have it figured out!

And this episode is one of my absolute favorites.

Anywho, here ya go!

(Click for better quality.)

Gotta say, absolutely love the fifth panel.🤩 Although I liked my traditional swirlies more than these, I like the light pen I used on this.

Welp, that’s all I’ve got for now! Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

Love, Bea.❄️

Song of the Day: I Am the Doctor In Utah, by Murray Gold.

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