❄️It’s the mooooost wonderful monthhhhh of the yearrrrrr❄️

(Okay, debatable. Have you ever met September?)

Welcome to another monthly wrap-up!!!

Really don’t know what else to addddd, so let’s get on to my sad, sad goals and how I failed at them.

Monthly goals: November 2021

Post that art dump

Did it!

Finish writing The Game

Nope. Due to a case of “OH YEAH THIS IS A SUPER LONG BOOK” me and Best Friend haven’t finished yet.

Figure out how to post the Jaya Project

Ha…ha…fail.🥲 Sorry guys.

Draw Vania at least once

Did it! But it was a non-satisfactory sketch in my notebook, so here’s a fancy shmancy digital version!

Actually really like that…high-five for me.

November 2021 Stats

Sketchbooks finished: 0
Nyas drawn: 45
Art pieces displayed: 1
New skills acquired: 3
Blog posts published: 13

Monthly Goals: December 2021

  • Enjoy the end of 2021
  • Finish Christmas presents on time
  • Increase the amount of Nyas by at least ONE
  • Don’t stress over itty bitty inconsequential things

I can do that. I can DO that! Right? RIGHT!?!?!

Probably, yes. Because I’m slipping back into the Ninjago Doctor Who AU, and realizing that all my new and improved digital art skills are wasted on not drawing stuff for it.

You guys are going to have a great art dump.

I wish thee a jolly Advent day/night, on this, December first, year of our Lord 2021!

Love, Bea.❄️


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