The Reverse Skybound AU—explanation & art!🧐👩‍🎨

(Future Bea 11/28/21/6:56pm: I realized that the art in this post may need a slight blood warning. Nothing serious, just that a wound is shown in two of the sketches. I apologize for not putting this in the original post, because I know it could be sensitive for some people. Thank you.)

Welcome or welcome back to The Beahive!

On request of Izzy from The Pirate Ship, I am doing an explanation/exploration of an AU I’ve been thinking about for a while, called the Reverse Skybound AU.

Let’s get startedddddd!!!

It all started with a dream…

No, really. The idea came to me sort of from a dream I had a while ago. It was just a brief image of Nya, in the Skybound outfit color scheme, but all dark and mysterious-like. She was under some sort of dock, and it was raining.

The idea of lone Nya during Skybound was an intruiging one, and from that sprouted this AU.

In a nutshell, this AU is centered around the concept that Jay and Nya’s roles are switched, meaning that this would be a more Nya oriented season, and although the whole conflict with wanting to be her own person is still there, in the end it is Nya who has the last wish, and Nya who is the last standing and has to gather the Ninja replacements.

Of course the whole Nadakhan thing comes to mind, and I have a solution. Jay just happened to look like Nadakhan’s original second in command, who he was good friends with, and was a kind of crazy warrior dude. In this AU, instead of a big wedding as the main conflict, it’s an initiation ceremony to make Jay second in command. And before you say “you can’t just MAKE somebody do a ceremony”, that’s exactly what happened with the wedding.🤷‍♀️

Crazy second in command (names, anyone?)

So now the whole all powerful thing begins when a Djinn prince has a second in command of equal or greater power to/than himself.

Another reason for Flintlocke to be suspicious about all of this!

Now of course an obvious perk comes to mind with all this. Two, in fact.


Nya gets an eyepatch.


Jay dies in Nya’s arms for once.

Don’t you just love that we can rank times half of Jaya has died? Ha…ha…ha…good times…

I think…I’ve plugged up all of the leaks in this! Of course there are little things like, who does Nya get sent to when she gets pushed through the Traveller’s Tea portal? (If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them)

And of course Jay and Nya aren’t switched in all instances, because Jay needs to figure out that he’s adopted and all that. I may (MAY. DO NOT HOLD ME TO ANYTHING) write out a chapter of this, with the transcript of an episode. If you have a favorite Skybound episode that you would like to read in this AU, let me know!👉

I plan to do some bigger pieces centered around this AU, but for now here are the other sketches I did.

These are the original sketches, from a few months ago.

Yeesh, it is DARK in there. To be fair, Skybound was one of the darker seasons.


I saw on the Wiki page for the 2022 season that apparently someone official said that it will have both the darkest AND funniest episodes in the whole series?!?!?😱 Honestly kind of excited. This show tends to do well when it gets serious.

But anyway, I have been getting back into the Ninjago zone lately, so I have some art for you when I can find a good time to share.🤫

In other news, happy Advent!!! We’re here again! And we’re in for a good one, I think. Lots of good stuff promises to happen, including lots of art, a new season of a Trolls series, the new Adventures in Odyssey album on the Club, some awesome The Game stuff, and—oh yeah, CHRISTMAS!!!🎄

We’ve come a long way since last year, and I hope you’re all looking forward to a joyful Advent and a merry Christmas.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day/night!

Love, Bea.❄️

Song of the Day: I Would For You, by Lauren Duski. This song is sheer perfection for Nya.🤩👌

One comment

  1. What the heeeck, I have not commented in literal ages! Okay so first off, NYA IN AN EYEPATCH SFDHDJSLJDBJ

    Second, I think this concept is so neat! And you know, I just love it when you draw pre-season 8 Nya, she’s so stinkin’ pretty in your style. Who gave you permission to make me fall in love with Nya’s character *squints eyes*

    Me personally, my favorite thing about AUs is picking ONE decision in canon, and then change that ONE moment. Then you can explore every moment after and see what changes. Maybe that’s already what you’re doing though! But anyway, the moment that you could change is in that episode where Jay and Nya are undercover together and Nya completely shuts him down, when Jay goes off on his own, you almost have to wonder why Nadakhan went after Jay. Why wouldn’t he go talk to Nya first? She was just as alone as Jay. Maybe we see Nya feeling conflicted about what she’s told Jay about just being friends, and we know of course that there is a lot happening in her mind. So then Nadakhan is all like, “I’ll give you three wishes,” and idk what she’d wish for, but the consequences of her not telling anyone that she talked to the Djinn would be very interesting. What would she do when her very own brother goes missing? Would she come clean? What if Jay found out? Would he tell on her? Would Cole and Lloyd get as mad at her as they were at Jay?

    Sorry, I think I’ve left you with more questions than answers.

    Beautiful art as always, thank you for sharing (and at my request!) Hope you’re doing well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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