Inktober 2021 Day 9: Pressure

Helloooooooo peeeeeeeps!!!

We have nearly made it through the first week/row of Inktober prompts!🎉

For today’s prompt, I have brought in Kiera, with her own accompanying inking style!

I mean, it’s not a whole different style, I just made it look a bit more cute and cartoony, and I’ve decided to give people in the Kiera-verse inked blushies!

(If it’s unclear, this lady is asking Kiera for a really big commission as a present for the lady’s friend in a short amount of time. A LOT of pressure.😬)

I also figured out a way to salvage Kiera’s highlights in ink, making the blue slanty lines, and the red, little dots.

The blushies are so fun, because I’m thinking they’ll change from person to person, like, some people will have lines, and some will have dots, and some will have wiggly lines, and so on.

I am very glad for the concept of knitted vests, (Kiera’s wearing one, for clarity as to why I’ve brought this up) which have for some reason fascinated me a bit, since I read this post by Evin, which featured a knitted vest. Very random. But it was impactful. (On a side note, Evin’s blog aesthetic is so pretty, my goodness.)

I’ve not got much more to add, except that I still love October. God made every season so beautiful in its own right, and it is amazing. 🤩

I hope you are all doing well!

Love, Bea.🍁

Song of the Day: Look What You’ve Done, by Tasha Layton.

Weekly Bible Verse: Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is it’s own trouble. Matthew 6:34


  1. Oohh!!! That is really pretty!!! I really like your new inking style for Kiera!
    Ok, here is what I got from the little picture messages: She needs a gift and the gift is a piece of artwork. It’s really big and elaborate and it needs to be done in three days. (no wonder Keira is shocked!)

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