MerMay Day #26

*kicks down door* I’M BACK

Sorry about that, I haven’t been arting much these past few days, neither have I been in a place to blog, so I just took the time to reboot.


Today’s prompt is Saved!

I am LOVING the Disney/Pixar animated style right now, so that’s why the eyes and noses are just the slightest bit different.

No new chapter of the Amnesia AU yet, because, as I said, I have not been very productive the last few days.

Happy Middle-Of-The-Week!

Love, Bea.💙

Song of the Day: Walk Me Home, by P!nk.

Monday Wednesday Comic

This hilarity comes straight from Baby Yoda’s brilliant imagination. Thanks for the idea!


  1. BEA OH MY GOSH YOU’RE BACK!! I was getting worried!
    I’m glad you’re back, but I’m also glad that you take breaks in order to care for yourself, because that’s much more important 😌 You can’t pour from an empty glass, I always say.

    Those mermaids are beautiful! I love the blonde ones hair, it’s so gorgeous and curly looking! And the Disney eyes and noses are so cute! (I’m actually just about to watch some Disney! What better way to start getting more familiar with animation than watching some of the best animated films ever! Am I right?)

    The COMIC IS SO GOOD. Even better than I imagined! It makes me want to simultaneously both laugh and cry X’D

    I’m glad you’re back, Bea, and I’m glad you’re better charged! Never be afraid to take breaks because you are important and you’re health and happiness come before anything else (but maybe warn us next time! I was worried! (jk you don’t have to) K I’LL SHUT UP NOW I TALK TOO MUCH-

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    • Aw thanks! But never fear, everything’s good, besides a bit of having to learn the hard way. Worrying never added a day to your life. Or anyone else’s! But thanks anyway.😊


      • Wise words. Master Wu should be taking lessons from you! Hope things continue to be good. Take care and stay safe :p

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  2. Yay! Wait… ugh, stupid phone must’ve been glitching. I checked for new posts but i didn’t find any. ANYWAYS, this looks great! ‘Tis wise to look upon master animations 🤪 hehehe 🤍

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