Hello peeps!


I spent the better part of my afternoon and night yesterday trying to figure out how the commissions on Etsy would work, and I finally DID IT, so I’m going to go ahead and say that commissions are OPEN!!🎉

Here is the b e a u t i f u l price sheet, with some examples of the art. (Credit for the idea goes to SpinjitzuJay)


So. How it will work is this.

Differently from a normal Etsy listing, where the object gets shipped to you, this works differently. Etsy has an option where you can purchase a digital item, and download it!

So that’s what we’re going to do here.

You send your art request to my messages on Etsy or my email, or in the comments. I create it, put it up as a digital listing on Etsy, and you purchase it!


So yeah! Coms are open, for as little as $2.😁

Sorry for flooding your brains with commission nonsense, I just got really hooked on the idea, and wanted to see it through.

Anywho, last thing, I know very well, as someone who has never commissioned anyone in her life, that you yourself will most likely not commission me.

And that’s totally fine! No guilt!

But I would really appreciate it if you’d spread the word, tell your buds, tell your siblings, tell your cat, anyone! Or just reblog this.😊

That’s it for now, stay tuned for one of my regular nonsense posts, coming up shortly!

Love, Bea.❤️


  1. OK Etsy hate me. It won’t let me register. So I’m thinking maybe I have an account. So I try ‘I’ve forgotten my password.’ and I get a different error… Grrr.

    Can I send you an idea on here?

    I know I’ve used Etsy before. Quite recently to buy jewellery for my wife’s birthday… So not sure why it hates me.

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      • OK. So I was thinking. In the style of your picture on Etsy entitled “The Quiet One Falls Silent.” Could I please have a full body of just Harumi. Possibly with swords. And with a dark background. And tall portrait with some space at the top. (I want to use it as a background on my mobile phone).

        How does that sound? Is it too specific? Or not specific enough?

        Meanwhile when I’m on my Pc tomorrow I will make sure I get Etsy working.


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      • Okay cool! Just a heads up, the style may differ slightly from that specific drawing, since I did that one a few years ago, but I’ll attempt to match it.

        A few quick questions though. Which style of Harumi would you like (the quiet one, her princess attire, or her civilian outfit), and which drawing style would you like, (colored sketch, flat color, or shaded)?

        After you answer the questions, I’ll get to work on it.👍🏼


      • Hello. Sorry delayed response. Putting kids to bed.

        No worries on the style front. I know it will be awesome.

        Definitely in her black suit with red eye paint please.

        As for colour, the whole hog please. Shading and whatever else.

        🙂 I’ll have another got at Etsy now. I shouldn’t be so old that I can’t work the Internet on my phone 🙂

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  2. Well folks my commissioned picture just arrived. I’ve already set it as my home screen on my mobile.

    It is totally brilliant. Exceeded all my expectations. And my expectations were high.

    Many thanks Bea. You are a super talented artist.

    I’m very happy.

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  3. Hooray! This is awesome! Now I get to support my favorite artist with something other than endless words of praise!

    The PROBLEM is, I don’t know what to request! I have some ideas, but I’m just not entirely sure… Quick question: Do you prefer more specific requests, or ones that leave you with plenty of creative freedom? It’s totally cool either way, I just wanted to know

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    • I… Do not know. This is my first time doing art commissions EVER, other than those requests I was doing a while ago. More specific sounds a bit better, but as little as a “*character* sitting down” is plenty.


      • Awesome, that is good to know! It’s late for me now so I’m gonna go to bed, but I plan on getting back to you very soon. Goodnight! (or day? Not sure what time it for you) I’m very excited, I think this commission thing is awesome, and thank you for sharing your art with us!

        I hope to continue supporting you in your artist journey!!!

        ps: Is anyone else super excited for the next two episodes of Ninjago s15 tomorrow?? Cause I am!

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      • Glad to help! It’s actually just now 9pm here. So good night is correct!😴
        Thank you for your support, it means so much to me!😊

        P.s: I AMMMM (I’m probably way too excited actually😅)



    For my commission request, could you please redraw for me in your own style the Jaya kiss from the very end of Prime Empire? The part where they are reunited and they run to each other and he picks her up and spins her around and then kisses her cheek and asfdgsakdghjlf-

    XD It’s one of my favorite scenes and I’d LOVE to have it on my wall, especially in your artstyle!

    The only thing I can’t quite decide if I’d rather you color it with the more water color style, or the shinier one that you use sometimes… Cause I like them both…

    Hmmm, I think I’d like whichever you consider to be the most finished and the truest to your style 🙂

    Just let me know if I need to be any more/less specific XD

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    • (Please forgive me for the weird response time, I only had time to read and like this last night)


      I will certainly do my best!!!
      And I actually only have one- no wait TWO questions: A. With SpinjitzuJay’s drawing, it involved a digital download. Are you wanting this for yours? Or something tangible, and sent to you? Because both are doable, the process of printing will just take longer, and be a bit more expensive.
      Blargh, business mumbo jumbo.

      The OTHER question is, would you like a background? The way I normally do scenes like this is I take a screenshot from the scene, and color pick from the background, then swirl it all around, so it’s just a nice marble of complimentary colors. I can otherwise just do a white background. Unless you’d like a specific color.

      Okay that was long. Condolences. I worked on this last night in my sketchbook, so I’ve got a rough sketch, meaning this won’t take too long! It will certainly be finished by this weekend.👍🏼


  5. Awesome! And sorry I posted this so late last night

    I would prefer to be able to print it out so that I can hang it on my wall like a poster, I just hope that it doesn’t break the printer XD

    As for the back ground, I think the marble thing would be perfect

    Don’t worry about rushing, take as much time as you need! Art mustn’t be hurried!

    Just let me know what the cost will amount to! Thank you!

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      • Very well! I’ve got the lines, background, and most of the flat color done. This is turning out to be one of my favorite thing’s I’ve made, to be totally honest.


      • Hello hello, I am happy to announce that I think your drawing is done! I am actually very proud of this one, so I hope you like it. I’m going to rake through it a few more time to check for mistakes, then I’ll put the listing up.
        One question however, as stated to SpinjitzuJay, I’ll need a name to put in the order’s title. Like, “Drawing for *name*”. Shall I simply use “Baby Yoda” or do you have another I should use?


      • XD Probably better that I think of a different name huh? Lol uhhhhhmmmmm…… And it doesn’t need to be a real name, right?

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      • It does not need to be a real name. And the listing will most likely not be up for very long, so don’t worry too much about it.


      • Okie dokie then! Then I guess you can just say it’s for the Captain!

        Thank you! I’m so excited!

        (now if I can just make an Etsy account….)

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      • I bought it!!! I won’t be able to print it out until I get back home (I’m spending the day elsewhere), but I can’t wait!! I’m gonna hang it up on my wall, and then if I ever get to have friends over they’ll be like, “Wow, dude, where’d you get that awesome poster??” And I can say “WELL LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS AMAZING ARTIST THAT I FOLLOW-”

        Also do you think I should start going by Captain on here too? Baby Yoda was just something I thought of on a whim ‘XD

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      • Thank you! Let me know how the printing turns out! And you can, but honestly, I’ve gotten used to Baby Yoda.😅


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