Inktober day 17!

Hello peeps!

It is another day of Inktober!!!

The prompt today is Storm!

Now, knowing me, what do you think I drew?

Yeah you probably guessed wrong.

This is the most random thing ever, so I will explain.

This is a Jaya drawing, because Jay and Nya are a couple, and together they’re a storm. Because Nya is the Master of Water, and Jay is the Master of Lightning. Jay is on the left, and Nya is on the right.

You don’t really need to get it, just look at those gorgeous hands.

Here’s the emoji version: 🤜🏻⛈🤛🏼 (hehhehehe that was so fun for no reason at all.)

Anywho, that’s it for now.

Hope y’all have a blessed day, and please wear your mask!!

Love, Bea.❤️

Song of the Day: Lost in the Woods, from Frozen 2.


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